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Subtext Theater Company Performing Arts

All performances of Brothers Keeper were at the SSP Theater

at St. Bonaventure Oratory,

1625 W. Diversey, Chicago.


Brothers Keeper is not only the Subtext theater Company's inaugural production, it is also a World Premiere consisting of 2 separate pieces, Orion's Belt, and Dolly Llama, both written by Subtext member Leigh Johnson.

Both pieces are family dramas which take place at a critical moment in their lives.

You will have a glimpse into moments you will recognize from your own life and will experience a moment that we hope you never have to face.

Directed by Subtext member John Oster.

A big thanks to St. Bonaventure Oratory, Fr. Healy,

Jim Masini, and the Saint Sebastian Players for allowing us to share their home for a few short weeks.

Nathan Wainwright


Michael Dritto


Kristin Broadwell


Renae Stone


Rocky Hagloch


Directed by John Oster

How much do you owe your Family?

How long do you owe them?
Where do you begin and they end?

An Exploration in 2 Acts

What do you really know about another person?

Their intentions...

what is in their heart.

If you knew...

could you?

would you?

...did you?

World Premier   September 11, 2015

SSP Theater / St. Bonaventure Oratory

1625 W. Diversey

Chicago, IL

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